Hi I’m Rix!

Ahhhhh! Where to start? Well, I honestly did not want to start a blog (insert hysterical laughing) I had one (maybe a few) in the past and never kept up with them. There were many reasons pulling me away and towards starting a blog. To start a blog obviously won. I needed another (because I don’t have enough-sarcasm) creative outlet. I considered starting a podcast but that does not seem like my element and I am more comfortable with writing, so here it is!

About me; My name is Rikki but I go by Rix. I am a 25 year old-scanner personality type-animal and nature lover-lover of the arts, books, and podcasts-Vegan-Youtuber living in the midwest. Is that enough? Apparently not because I started this blog. Since starting my Youtube channel (RxVd) I noticed that I am still too wordy. I still have so much to say! This leads to my videos being a bit lengthy. While editing I feel torn because I think “No, I really like that I think it should stay! But… my video is pushing 13 minutes-yikes. Recently I have been drowning marvelously in podcasts so I thought…”Maybe I should start one?” Like I said, not my thing. So writing seemed more appropriate.

I am also very into photography both as an admirer and behind the lens. My photography (RixPix) is taking a different direction. This year I made a goal to have weekly themes for my photography and although I love it I am at the point where I would like to create the story. So this platform will be a great place for me to discuss what my thought process is when creating my theme, where I shoot, what I look for and how I feel about my pictures.

Writing Wednesday is already a part of my schedule. This is a concept I designed along with “themes” for the other days of the week in order to give my writing more focus and direction. I am currently reading (on To The Books Tuesday) “Refuse to Choose”-By Barbara Sher and as I was reading yesterday I really identified with being a “Sybil” type scanner. Barbara recommended the school like daily schedule as our best life design model. I had to laugh to myself as I read this because I had started this life design model type for myself last summer after I graduated college (Bachelor of Science) and found myself bored after a few weeks of just working and binge watching Netflix.

Currently, I am working on about 5-6 different fictional stories. But this blog won’t necessarily be about those stories specifically. I am aiming to use this blog as an update to my life and the progress I am making with all of my hobbies, interests, and journeys. I also really like to write so this will be a good exercise for me to keep writing.

Anyway, I really appreciate anyone who even reads one sentence of my new blog. I am excited to see where this blogging journey will take me! Until my next post-see ya!

Write Now: It is about 6:30 am. I am listening to pandora, Fantasy by Alina Baraz & Galimatias. Really hungry for pancakes.


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