Lazy Girl Mashed Potatoes-Vegan

So I am not the best cook lol. Through my vegan transition that has been an area that needed to change.
Trying to eat fresh is also something that I am working on and so far not so great at.
Occasionally, #mostofthetime I just scrape together whatever is lingering in my cupboard. So this is my
#lazygirl recipe for mashed potatoes.


Boxed mashed potatoes
Vegan butter
Unsweetened almond milk

Chia seeds
Nutritional yeast
McCormick grilled chicken seasoning

Vegetable stock
Red and white quinoa, buckwheat blend

Frozen veggies

*make sure all you purchase from this list list are vegan!

Cooking time: approx. 30 min

So for the mashed potatoes I just followed the directions on the box. Once removed from heat I added the nutritional yeast, pepper, and chicken seasoning (this made a world of difference!) Mix well! This is the base, then I sprinkled chia seeds on top. I steamed the frozen peas and green beans. The quinoa blend I bought from #wholefoods premixed. This was set in vegetable stock to a boil, then simmer until you see the quinoa uncoil. I set the veggies around the side then the quinoa blend on top. This was super easy and yummy to make and I’m pretty sure cheap since all of these were very simple ingredients.
Bon Appetite!


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