We have built an amazing society with the aid of technology. It brings us together and tears us apart. Keeps us distant while being ever so in sync with what’s current. It’s an amazing world where our imagination is boundless.

Every once and while it’s good to get away. Put some good music on and get lost in the trees. I did this on a sunny but chilly Saturday morning. My intentions were to just get some good footage for my next video so like maybe an hour? Well, an hour turned into three. My camera died but it was probably the best thing to happen that day. I walked around with my Gooey station playing on Pandora and my do not disturb enabled and I just felt pure bliss.

I watched as people walked their dogs who were to happy to contain themselves (the dogs). Saying hi to these people I have never met and may never see again. I found the riverbank and imagined what it looked like before people took over the region. My boots got muddy as I walked through the dead leaves and moss finding my way off the beaten path. It was fantastic. It was everything I forgot I needed. Connection.

Connection to the elements. Connection to myself without social media influencing my every thought about myself and the world. Out here I could just…breathe.




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