“To serve people takes dignity and intelligence”-Lionel, Maid in Manhattan.

I would like to start with this; I have a huge respect for waitresses and waiters. I tried waitressing for two days and could not handle it so yes I am very appreciative of wait stafff. 
While studying with a friend of mine, we got to discussing how we go about tipping wait staff. She having more experience with waitressing and bar tending than I do stated she always tips well. I mentioned that I always tip even when my waiters are not the best in their approach or attitudes. 

This got me thinking further about the service I received today. 

Earlier, I had lunch with my aunt to catch up. Since I had arrived earlier, it appeared that I was alone. The hostess approached me with “is it just you?”and this really put me off. I’m sure that she didn’t mean it the way it sounded but a better phrase could have been “table for one?” 

I enjoy eating alone so these statements just roll off my back but the inflection in that statement definitely set the tone for the time I sat waiting for my aunt to arrive. 

Later, after studying and finishing up some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I was starving. I went to the grill in hopes of some vegan options. Being a new vegan in a conservative city, I know that options I have are limited. But I went in with optimistic and realistic expectations anyway. I walked up to the bar to place a to go order, hesitantly I asked the bar tender if they had vegan or vegetarian options on the menu. He pulled out a menu and walked me through the few options in a very cool manner. While waiting for my black bean burger and fries as pictured above, this cool kid asked me about my groceries and what I had purchased in again, a very cool manner. 

He continued to ask if I liked beer and the types of vegatbales I liked, how being vegan is going, I apologized for my pickiness and he said he had seen worse. 

Now I know what your thinking and I thought it too, “he’s hitting on me” but no, I watched as he interracted with the other people there. He was cool and approachable and very much a people person. 

I left feeling very happy to have had this interaction which is rare in our busy society.

What I’m getting at is no matter what the day you have had, please be kind to the wait staff and remember that they are people too.  


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