Animal rehabilitation 

For the past few months, I have been volunteering at an wild animal rehabilitation center. Before volunteering, I didn’t know that I would instantly fall in love with the work and the animals. Now, these are wild animals that have been injured or found as orphans and are brought to the center to heal and grow. What this place gives these animals is a second chance at life. The most amazing part of volunteering here is that the animals are never aggressive or scared. They know we are there to help them and they are ever so grateful. 

Yesterday, I was given an opportunity to give medical care to an opossum who is recovering from having his tail ran over by a car. It had to be amputated but this little one will survive! I was a little intimidated at first to give him his medication as I had to open his mouth and feed it through a syringe. Once we got his medication in, cage cleaned, and he was fed, this little guy went back to his comfortable nap. 

It really is an amazing experience to gain the trust of an animal that has never interacted with humans. It is even more amazing for me to experience animals I have never known to be so trusting. They are greateful for the care that they are recieving but what they give me is something that can’t be placed into words. It’s something that goes beyond gratitude and trust, it’s friendship. 


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