Writing Wednesday

Good morning! For me it’s “Writing Wednesday”. I developed this theme for Wednesday soon after I graduated college and finally had the time to write for pleasure and not for an academic assignment.

I have been writing short fictional stories and non fiction since I was very young. In 1996 I even won a Reading Rainbow story writing competition! I always have story ideas going through my mind and I try to get them all on paper. Some ideas take off completely and others are only a few sentences long. I have a mess of ideas everywhere because at times when inspiration sparks, I only have a napkin and eyeliner to write with. Along with my stories I now have this blog!

As much as I love to write, I also have so many other hobbies and find it hard to allocate enough time for all of them. So I thought of developing a way to provide enough attention to my interests and hobbies, which lead me to Writing Wednesdays.

Each Wednesday I dedicate to writing something, anything, everything. I work on stories that have been waiting for me to add chapters, and I think of new blog post ideas. I listen to the “Write Now” podcast on my way to work and turn to Pinterest for new ideas. When I have no motivation or ideas of my own I turn to journalling. Sometimes I will even have breakfast at a mom and pop diner or head over to Starbucks and just write whatever comes to mind or whatever I am feeling in that moment.

I find writing therapeutic and I don’t believe that is an exclusive feeling to those of us who are naturally inclined to write. I think that there is a a writing habit out there for everyone whether that be journalling, making lists, story-boarding, or anything else. Writing is a method in which we don’t have to talk, or worry about judgement, or even share if we don’t want to. We can keep our rough drafts full of errors or edit them as we like. Writing is there to help us learn about ourselves and how we interpret the world.

Write now: it’s six in the am, I am under a heated blanket with both my cats coiled up comfortably at my feet. I have already had my cereal and am regretting not drinking a cup of green tea.


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading my post! That’s awesome you write on saturdays. It’s a great day to write especially in the morning when everything is quiet and I don’t have to work lol keep writing!

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