“You’re doing you and that’s great. By doing what makes you happy, your happiness shines through and helps others to be happy.”


*Trying not to cry all over again* I have this friend who works in my building. I don’t work with him directly, but we chit chat in passing and we are facebook friends. This friendship began shortly after the election which left some of us a little scared about the future. Beautifully though, this brought many of us together.

From time to time, we catch up while getting coffee or refilling our water bottles. He tells me what’s new in his life and I rant and rave about the animal rehabilitation center that I volunteer at. Then we go about our ways and on with our day.

Today, while grabbing a few napkins for myself I saw him on his way to refrigerator reaching for milk to add to the lucky charms he was having as a midday snack. He asked me how my day was and I said good, then mentioned that his day must be going great since he had lucky charms!

He then asked me if I was still saving the animals in a kind fashion. I then began to gush about the young opossum that we are taking care of and how it amazes me that the animals there are so trusting and relaxed in our care.

He then asked me when I have time to have a social life. I laugh off that I don’t really have one because I’m pretty lame. An excuse I often make because in reality, although I am 25 years young, I don’t like to go out as much anymore. In addition, my journey to self love and life purpose has inadvertently withdrawn me from many social events and people.

At times I feel guilty for doing so, am I selfish? Or “why can’t I be like everyone else?” Why is it that I end up doing things alone because no one has the same interests as I do? These are the questions that tend to spiral in my inner turmoil. Of course my work friend does not know about these doubts and self judgements that I pass to myself so his response to my answer;

“You’re doing you and that’s great. By doing what makes you happy, your happiness shines through and helps others to be happy.”

I honestly could not contain my tears of happiness. This was a sweet thing in itself to say but I really appreciated hearing it at the time I did. With everything I currently have on my plate and my everlasting desire for selflessness which can often lead to living a tiring thankless life, hearing this truly took that weight of overcasting doubt off of me.

What this made me realize more thoroughly is that you should always be yourself, and choose happiness even if the road takes you away from others. Always be kind and gracious because you may just be leading by example and the positive influence you can have on others is priceless.


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