Life Update

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my life at the moment. But then I realized that this is life. And when I started my channel I focused on being open and honest and positive. I was pretty bummed to have to move back in with my family after being in my last place for almost five weeks.

This unexpected move had me get rid of half of my things in a week’s time. Which was very disappointing because I still plan on filming the rest of the 30 day simplify your life challenge. (Don’t worry, this will still happen!) I moved in about a week and this rush to have a smooth transition forced me to keep a level head. I didn’t want to slow down because I wanted to keep the momentum of my projects going.

After the second week of being in my new place I started to cry one night while trying to fall asleep. I was so exhausted from the move and my self judgements and doubts began to weigh on my mind. I started to replay old thoughts that were the best at beating myself down.

But suddenly my mind changed directions. I started thinking of everything that was good. I listed off things that I had to be grateful for automatically without forcing myself to. What an incredible thing that was for me to experience. Never before in a moment of self-pity has my mind directed itself back to positivity without active participation.

This really solidified my belief that you can change your mindset despite your circumstances. You can evolve your attitude but this comes with making the choice. This choice has to be made every single day. Even through the rough parts of life you always have a choice.


Life update


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