30 Day Simplify Your Life Challenge: Declutter your wardrobe

So before I began this second task on the list of 30 days to declutter I thought… “I’ve given about eight boxes of clothes away, this should be a breeze”. EIGHT BOXES. Slightly ridiculous but when you work in retail for seven years you tend to have a lot of clothes.

I also moved recently so I gave even MORE clothes to donations. I was pretty confident (maybe overly confident) to do this part of the challenge. For day 2, you really want to prepare your guiding questions. Here are mine:

  1. Does this fit?
  2. Am I comfortable? (while wearing this)
  3. Am I confident? (While wearing this)
  4. Does this match my color palate? (black, grey, white, beige, and olive green).

Step one is to take everything from their places and set them on the floor. When I did this I was not convinced that the huge pile I accumulated on the floor was actually every piece of clothing I owned. But I settled with the thought that I did just move in a hurry and donated a lot of clothes so it may not feel like everything but it was.

The next step is to pick up each item of clothing and compare it to your guiding questions. Having your guiding questions prepared BEFORE you start going through your clothes is a TREMENDOUS help. It helped me be realistic about the items I was holding onto for memories sake or the “maybe I’ll fit into this again someday”. Let’s be real, if you are having the thoughts about something that may be good in the future and these clothes are not serving you in the now, they have to go.

Once the clothes have been separated in “To keep” and “To Go” piles, its time to wrap up the to go clothes. Muchelle B went suggested selling what you can which makes total sense. But personally I have decided to donate my clothes. Working in retail has taught me how to take care of my clothes so nothing was worn to the point of having holes or stains. Additionally, growing up I was not able to get new clothes every year for back to school so I was the kid getting second hand clothing. When I would find something name brand or good quality, it made me feel more confident and accepted. Since this is such a familiar feeling to me, I really want to give my clothes to a thrift store where someone who may not be able to afford the name brands will be able to enjoy them.

I did end up keeping almost all of my shoes aside from my dance shoes which I never wear anymore. I went through a second time with my guiding questions and ended up donating a few more pieces of clothing.


This was a great way to “renew” and minimize my wardrobe as well as to make it more monochromatic. As I am growing into my own style getting rid of things that didn’t fit that image and level of confidence I want to convey was truly refreshing.

Next on the Agenda: Declutter your books- yikes!

Watch Rikki’s Day 2 on YouTube at Rx Vd

Watch Muchelle B Day 2 on YouTube at Muchelleb


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