Media For The Week (Wednesday to Wednesday)

So, I’ve really been into watching a lot of YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, reading blogs and books for the past few months. I started to realize that I am finding really good content and I want to share it with someone, and that happens to be you! So let’s jump in on the stuffs I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to this past week and who knows maybe this will become a thing!


Since I started my channel in October, I have really been drawn to certain YouTubers and content. So the videos I watch can tend to be from the same creators.

MuchelleB: Things I dig Right now

I love these by MuchelleB especially when she goes over some of her favorite podcasts.

Kalyn Nicholson: Spring Clean Your Life, WTF is Going On? How to Survive a Bad Day.

I LOVE watching Kalyn’s videos. She is so “basic” and I love it and she loves it haha. But really, her vlog style is goals and she adds a certain flare to living her life that is inspiring and she is just that girl that everyone wants to be friends with. Plus she’s vegan!

Zoey Arielle: Become a Digital Nomad, How to Manifest Money part 6

I love Zo! She is the sweetest person I have never met. Seriously, she has become one of my internet friends and her channel (and book: Beauty in the Breakdown) is so inspiring. She focuses on minimalism, veganism, and the Law of Attraction. Love you Zo!

Lisa Nichols: Keep Your Dreams a Priority, How to Turn Your Fears into Fuel, Fail Forward to Overcome Your Fears.

How on earth did I not know of Lisa before? I will never know. So last week I was feeling kind of bummed and unmotivated and gratefully I found Lisa’s videos and BAM! Fire of inspiration ignited. She has quite the video stock on all sorts of topics so if you’re feeling down check her channel out and add her to your own “Need a lyft” playlist (AKA: When I need that inspo playlist)

Cornelia Grismo: Relationship Advice, My Hair Routine, 10 Things To Do This Spring

Cornelia is a Norwegian babe! She is very sweet and personal in her videos in which she talks about veganism, cruelty free products, general advice, the Law of Attraction and more! My best friend originally recommended her to me and I just love her videos. English is obviously not her first language so to see that she doesn’t edit out her mistakes keeps her down to earth and relate-able. She also promotes doing all that you can with what you can.


Being Boss: Understanding Your Personality Type

This was a podcast I discovered through MuchelleB. I have only listened to this episode so far. I liked it but to be honest it was a bit long so I had to listen to it in segments.

Native French Speech Podcast

So for a LONG time I have been looking for a podcast that speaks only French. I am currently trying to pick up the language so I really wanted a media source that didn’t give me the English translation just put me around the language A+ for this podcast.

Get Busy Living with Benny HSU: Stop Searching for your passion, If you want to get anything done you have to make time for it, My biggest Obstacle in my way when I felt stuck in my life, stop comparing yourself to others.

Obviously I listened to this when I was feeling crummy last week. It’s really awesome to hear Benny talk about his own life experience and how he finds motivation even in the moments that seems like you can’t find any. Thanks to my friend Martin who recommended this to me.

WTF Am I Doing with My Life? With Kristy Arnett: Shift the Focus with Millionaire Marketing Major Adam Urbanski, Who am I being, Fate, Fear, and Standing in your Vision.

If that is not the most amazing title for a podcast I don’t know what is! I found this podcast through Lavendaire. Kristy is an awesome story teller and has the most amazing guests. I found Bri Seely through this podcast.

Your Kick Ass Life Podcast with Andrea Owen: Characteristics of People that play Big.

I seriously listened to this episode like 10 times! It was the motivation I needed to say to myself, “see you’re on track”.

Books and Blogs: Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Outlines, Outlines, Outlines by blondegalese (bloglovin)

So this weak my blog game was weak. I have been following blondegalese for a few months now since she is the law school student I aspire to be. She keeps her blog simple, easy to follow, and insightful.

The book I have started last week is about how to use the Law of Attraction to gain more money in your life. There are a few books in the series by Jerry Hicks but this one was the best written in my opinion so I downloaded it and I love it so far.

Anyway that is about all of the media I have consumed in the last week! ❤ Rx


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