Q & A: Dating, Veganism, How to deal with stress

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating?

Well…I am probably NOT the best person to ask considering that I am single and have been single for about a year now. But for Do’s: DO BE YOURSELF! As much as you try or lie, people can always tell when you’re being fake. It may not be right away but when you try to hard to be something you’re not it shows.

Don’ts: Don’t be a flake or a ghost. If you say you’re going to call, text or show up do it even it if is to say you’ve changed your mind or are no longer interested. Not saying anything just makes you look bad and makes things weird if you ever run into that person again.

My feelings on the government (US) cutting funding for environmental causes?

Let me take a breath. I am NOT HAPPY. My degree is in Environmental Science, a field that was expected to grow exponentially, a field that could have taken the lead in clean energy. But here we are debating on whether or not climate change and science are real?! Ugh I can go on forever but let’s just keep it simple and say I am not happy about anything that is going on in the US in regards to environmental issues. WTF.

Why Did I Go Vegan?

To the point, all three reasons. Originally I found veganism through PETA. I was writing a paper on an environmental issue and found their “Meat is not Green” video. So the destruction to the environment is one huge reason I went Vegan. Also I love animals and the UNCESSARY CRUELTY that these animals have to endure is heartbreaking and now that there are other options for me food wise, I truly don’t have any reason not to be vegan. Lastly, the health reasons was a big push. I was tired of monitoring what I ate and with a plant based diet you don’t have to! Plus you feel good and your body is getting the nutrients it wants.

What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with stress?

Depending on how stressful I am, it always helps to get away from whatever is stressing me out. Take a break, go for a walk, go for a drive, whatever but find a way to clear your mind. Then I like to meditate to quiet the chatter in my head. Lastly, this is somewhat of a new practice for me but I count down from 30 and for each number I state what I am grateful for IN THAT MOMENT. This is key, so if I am outside, I am grateful for this beautiful weather. But I don’t just stop there, I relish in gratitude I ask myself why I am grateful for beautiful weather. Pretty soon you’ll feel better because when you truly focus on what you have you stop looking at what you don’t have.

So the Gratitude Project was born!

Soon I will be launching yet another playlist to my channel. This project is totally my creative outlet so it might not be the most entertaining but I really want to showcase how we can be so, so, so grateful for even the most common things that we take for granted.

So stay tuned!

Thanks for all the great questions! ❤ Rx

Q & A: Dating do’s and don’ts, vegan, how to deal with stress


5 thoughts on “Q & A: Dating, Veganism, How to deal with stress

    1. Hey thanks for the question! I actually don’t count calories at all which was a another reason I went plant based. The only thing I loosely track is protein in take. I make sure to get a variety through beans,lentils, and other sources. I literally put chia seeds on EVERYTHING lol

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      1. Not at all! I just eat when I’m hungry make sure I eat wholesome foods always have greens and stop when I’m full. Your body knows what it needs and I’ve learned over time how to listen and understand my cravings.

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