10 Places I would like to visit and why

  1. Paris, France

I meannnnnnn, why not? It is a beautiful city and reknown for being the city of love. High fashion and café everywhere you go! Most importantly, the art and architecture is a must see.

  1. Tanzania, Africa

I have been obsessed-sorry OBSESSED with wanting to witness the great Wildebeest migration.  Something about seeing nature at its prime is a dream of mine. Also, Lions. That is all.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has crazy technology and wicked fashion. I want to see this place so badly and get lost in the culture. Some people want New York, I want Tokyo.

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Aside from wanting to visit my friend who lives in Denmark, I also want to see this city and learn what the Danish is all about!

  1. Hawaii, USA

Also like Paris, this is just one of those destinations that is on many lists. I really just want to explore the waterfalls, ocean, and chill out on the beach taking in all of the sunlight.

  1. Rome, Italy

The eternal city, yeah I want to see that! I am more intrigued by the art that is there. As an art lover, how can Italy not be on your list?!

  1. Australia

Ok, so I have already been to Darwin but I am DYING to go back and visit my wonderland. I LOVE AUSTRALIA with all of my heart. It is the most magical, stunning, and amazing place on earth. I want to visit more of it!

  1. New Zealand

I think LOTR put this beautiful place on the map for a lot of people my age. I really want to get lost in the wilderness there and just take in all of the beauty.

  1. Canada

Yes, I have already visited my neighbors, and will be visiting Toronto once more this summer, but there are places in Canada that I am dying to hike. The wilderness is amazing and I need to see it live!

  1. Grand Canyon, USA

I think it would be a shame not to see this wonder that is in my own backyard. Now that I have gotten more into hiking it has risen on the list of destinations to go to.


Any suggestions on where I should go within the places on this list? LMK!

❤ Rx


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