Be Your Own Best Friend

First I’d like to say sorry for the delay. It’s been a weird week and this vlog was not intended to come out this way.

I felt though, that it was time to continue with the perseverance playlist that I am creating. I would like to make mention that the reason I am coming forward with my story is that I have to build the basis of this playlist. Once we reach the end, it will make complete sense. But for now let’s continue with the next portion of my life story.

Around 8 years old we became homeless. Not the glamourous homeless, the real living out of our car in and out of homeless shelters homeless. Going in and out of different schools made it really difficult to make friends. When I did make friends, it was hard to connect. I also had the fear that I would not be in the same place long enough to keep these friends, and often I was right. For a while I withdrew from making friends.

Doing so, led me to journaling. This was my friend without judgement, without unwarranted advice, a world of my own thoughts. I continued writing, and obviously still write today. I think the hardest part of making friends was the fear of being rejected or not knowing how to connect. But I had to get over that and I did. I would make friends whenever and wherever. When I couldn’t, I learned how to be my own best friend.

Be Your Own Best Friend

❤ Rx


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