French Candy

Last summer I made friends with a French Family. They were on the same trip I was on when I ventured off to Aus (Australia). I love this family so much because during my solo trip they never let me feel alone. They sat with me during every meal and were patient with me when I couldn’t understand their beautiful language! They taught me new French words and kept in touch after our trip had ended.

Because I was so grateful to them during my trip, I sent a care package of American goodies to them once they returned to France this was last August.

Last month right before my birthday, I received a package from my French family! Inside were all of these goodies and a T-shirt with my name on it. I was so beyond thrilled and excited to try each goodie in the box. Of everything they sent, my favorite were the cookies and caramels that they sent.

French candy is different than American candy for sure. There is a certain richness that our candy seems to lack. I can only eat a few pieces at a time due to this richness but I wouldn’t exchange these candies for the world!

If you’re in France and love caramel, try Caramels Tendres, au beurre sale, La Maison d’Armorine.

❤ Rx


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