Everything is Temporary

I received such great feedback from my 26 Lessons video that I wanted to expand on each lesson and why I thought they were important to share. Ready? Let’s go!

Lesson 1: Everything is Temporary.

This made the list for a very special reason. As you’ll learn from my Perseverance PlaylistI have gone through a lot of dark moments in life.

At some point I began telling myself “This isn’t forever”. This would help me get in the frame of mind that the bad in my life would eventually fade away.

“This is temporary” became more solidified in my late teens to early 20’s when I was homeless and broke. Let’s not start thinking that my entire frame of mind was anywhere near positive all of the time. In fact, I was pretty negative. But “This is temporary” would pop into my mind at every right and wrong moment. It lingered there until I was ready to believe in it.

Once I could accept that phrase to help me through the bad moments in life, I realized that the application could also serve in moments of joy. Meaning that as I learned to appreciate the good moments that followed the negative ones. I learned that the good is also temporary. Good moments needed to be treasured because at the time, in my negative mindset the good could never last forever right?

Well, it can’t and it can. But it doesn’t matter which spectrum of experience life throws at you, if you understand and accept that everything is temporary, you will have the strength to push you through the negative times in life and the appreciation for the good moments.

❤ Rx


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