Training For The Warrior Dash

I made a decision a few weeks ago. I was speaking with a friend about working out at a gym, you know weights and stuff. I have never been super motivated to work out in a gym. I am more of an active sports training type of athlete. I can work harder towards fitness when there is a goal in mind. I told my friend that I needed to train towards something like the Warrior Dash or Cross-fit not just count repetitions on a machine.

So they said “well then do that”. Ha! Why do decisions sound so easy when other people tell us?! So I was like, yeah I will! I have been wanting to do a training course such as the Warrior Dash for some time and for whatever I never committed.

As a bonus my friend from work is going to be doing the race with me! She has already done it so it makes it more fun! I wanted to share this process with you because I am so beyond excited to be a part of this. Below is my training for the Warrior Dash that I have been doing.

Monday: Arms + Cardio (2-3 miles of running)

Tuesday: Abs & Obliques + Cardio (2-3 miles of running)

Wednesday: Back + Cardio (2-3 miles of running)

Thursday: Legs + Cardio (2-3 miles of running)

Friday: Cardio (biking or running) Cardio +(2-3 miles of running)

Saturday: variable (rock climbing, hiking, running,)

Sunday: Rest (sort of!)

Sunday is technically a rest day but I volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation center and run errands so I may not be at the gym but I’m definitely still moving!

So my work out routine was pretty much the same before the Warrior Dash, I pretty much added cardio to every day especially now that the weather has gotten better (I prefer to run outside) and because I need to increase my stamina for the race.

So far I have been running 20-24 minutes per 2.8 miles which is pretty good and comparable to my run times when I used to run every day for lacrosse and soccer.

I haven’t started filming the process yet, but it’s definitely something on my radar. Ill go over my diet, training gear, workout mantras, playlist, all that jazz. I will definitely keep you posted here on my blog!

❤ Rx


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