Practice Humility

Lesson Two: Practice Humility

Why did this lesson make the list when it has been a lesson that is not new or groundbreaking? Well, growing up with very little and religious influence, the idea of being humble was just that an idea. An idea that was always said to me and set as an expectation.

Yes, be humble. But did I truly understand what that meant? I don’t think so. Not until everything had been taken from me or I had willingly placed myself in a position to have next to nothing. It is easy to be greatful for the things that you have and the life you live when everything is going well. However, when ever you reach a point where you have nothing and no one but yourself to rely on. You really gain perspective on what it means to be greatful.

Through that gratitude humility is reached. In the last ten years or so this lesson has really sunk in. I think that is due to a mixture of experiences such as getting into Buddhist meditation, broken relationships, minimalism, and traveling.

With social media taking up most of our day I think its beyond easy to want more and compare ourselves to others and get so into our egos that we forget how far we have come. We forget that those things don’t really matter. Lesson two is about not forgetting the journey but truly appreciating every step even the steps that are taken alone.

Thank you as always for tuning in and stay tuned for lesson 3: Trust your intuition.

❤ RX

Practice Humility

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