51 Days: Running Hacks

51 days until the Warrior Dash. In the past few weeks I’ve gone from running once a week to 5 days a week to everyday. I aim to run 2 miles each time I run. 

At my peak, I was running a 6 minute mile. That was during my early years of college and I’ve definitely stopped running everday since my lacrosse days. 

My current mile average is 9 minutes. It can be frustrating at times, knowing that I can do better and my body is just not where it used to be so I have to keep myself motivated and inspired. 

Therefore I would like to share my running “hacks” with you! 
Before my run: 

Yeah I’m not going to lie I don’t stretch like I probably should but I’m starting to use a foam roller to get my legs prepped for the run. This is a great thing to do even if you don’t run and especially if you work a desk job like me. 

I’ve also started positive workout meditations to get me in the spirit. This helps best on days where I don’t want to run and am finding every reason not to. 

During my run: 

First, having a killer playlist is key. I will share my running playlist in a future post. Even with motivating music the first half mile is fine, then I start breaking myself down with thoughts like 

“This hurts”

“I can’t breath” <that is pretty literal since I have asthma

“I don’t have to do two miles…”

“I’m tired” 

And so on. So to keep my spirits up I say my positive affirmations, clap for myself, imagine that every branch hanging in my path is someone giving me a high five to finish. Sometimes I even imagine myself running next to me saying motivating things. I may look nuts but I don’t care!

After my run: 

Again, this is where I should stretch but usually I just pass out. Afterwards I may do a foam roller or review my progress on my Nike Run Club app which I HIGHLY recommend. But any way you choose tracking your progress is key to becoming better at running. 

Till next post ❤️RX


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