Oh Canada!: How I prepare for travel. 

I leave for Canada in 2 days!! I am so excited because I love the city of Toronto and Canada in general and I am excited because this is continuous progress into my goal for 2017 of traveling more. 

So far I have visited Canada and several small towns in my home state. Now I am going back to Toronto for the weekend. I figured it might be a good starting point to go over how I prepare for travel so let’s get started!

1. Lists! Lists! Lists!

I am totally a person who cannot make a move until everything is out of my brain and on paper. I make a list of what I need to prepare and pack. For a more stream lined list I look to Pinterest and modify the one I like to what I need. The Travel packing checklist is one I have used before and is very handy at making sure everything is covered. 

2. Time frames

Depending on how long I’ll be gone for I like to arrange my time restraints. This means, how long do I have to pack, how long do I have to wait for travel visa, travel insurance, recieving orders for my trip etc.  using your the packing list above shoul help you determine that since it also includes documentation and finances. 

3. Action

You have your list, and your timeframes now it’s time to work! Since this trip is only a few days, and transportation and hotel has been scheduled by a friend, I gave myself 2 weeks to prepare. I arranged pet care for my cats, contacted my financial institution of my travels, ordered Canadian dollar and what’s left is just to pack! 

So those are the three simple steps, lets dive deeper.


Since I have made it my goal to travel more I have since been saving for my travel but I still construct a budget to include food, transportation, emergency funds, hotel costs, and spending money. For international travel I always over prepare my finances just in case. Which means carrying cash and cards. I bring both US currency and the currency of the country I’m traveling to. It’s also helpful to bring more than one card just in case one gets lost, blocked, damaged, or is juts not accepted. Also be sure to know your PINs and store the phone number of your financial institution just in case. 


Make sure your passport is up to date and accepted in the country you are traveling to. Some countries want your passport to be valid for more than 6 months and others may require a tourist visa. Be sure to check the requirements of the country you are visiting as well. 

Along with keeping an updated form of ID bring extra forms of ID to keep in your suit case in the event that you lose or damage your passport. Also photo copies! Because I’m extra I also gave copies to my emergency contact and uploaded them to a share drive so that if I lost my passport I was not stranded without ID.  Don’t forget your insurance and flight itineraries!


Some helpful apps while traveling is Skype, WhatsApp, and the Smart Traveler app. If you’re flying, be sure to download that airlines app as well. Some airline apps will even allow you to check in through the app and most will have your flight times and alerts available on the app. 

Well I hope this information was helpful to you travelers and future travelers! 

Till next time-Bon Voyage! 



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