32 Days: Vitamins, Supplements, & pre-work outs

I am so excited to be getting closer to the Warrior Dash! In today’s post I wanted to go over what I taking in terms of Vitamins, Supplements, and Pre-work outs in addition to maintaining a Vegan Diet.

So let’s start with the vitamins. Currently, I am taking a multi-vitamin, just a regular one a day women’s multi vitamin. I am not really good at taking it TBH as I always have to take it with food and I rarely have breakfast at the same time. Then throughout the day when I am eating I typically forget to take it but I try to take it when I do remember. I was much better at taking the gummy form of vitamins but these are typically not vegan and I have yet to find a vegan form. But fear not!

In July I will begin a new vitamin regiment. I was lucky enough to come across this vitamin company and receive a discount for my first order while listening to one of my favorite podcasts. The company is called “Care Of” or “Take Care Of”. The process is super easy, you take a short “quiz” of what it is you are looking for health wise and they create a vitamin pack based on your needs. Then your 30 day individually packaged (and with your name on them!) vitamins come in the mail.

I haven’t received mine just yet as I placed my order on Sunday but I am excited to see how my body is affected. For my pack I focused on bone health, protein (for intense work outs), sleep aid, stress aid, digestion aid, and energy. The results were:

Magnesium: for bone health and other benefits

Vitamin C: immune health

Rhodiola: for stress releif

Vegan Omega: for protein

Probiotics: For digestion

This website made it super easy to just get started in the direction I wanted to go with my health and current lifestyle. So can’t wait to share my progress!

Next, let’s talk about pre-work outs. I currently take an L-Carnatine supplement in liquid form. I will take about a tablespoon right before a strenuous work out. So this is not an every time I work out supplement. Usually I only take it if I know I plan on running or working out for more than an hour. The one I take is Vegan and you can find it at GNC. (insert link) basically what this supplement does is help the mitochondria in your body convert fatty acids into energy and help with muscle recovery. It is good to take especially if you’re vegan.

My last supplement is yet another thing I will be starting in July and I am also very excited to add this to my diet. It’s a vegan protein powder. I went with Chocolate Organic Protein brand basically because this was the only vegan option at the store I went to. I don’t usually like to drink “Shakes” so this is why I haven’t been drinking them but I figured it would be a nice snack or meal replacement from time to time and in moments when I am short on time.

So that is what I have to share today! Please let me know if you have any experience with the Care Of vitamins I mentioned or the Organic Protein Powder as I would love to hear about it.

Until next post ❤ Rx


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