August: Coming Back to Source Energy

Hello friends! I hope your summer is treating you well. Mine has been very fun and busy. Which is what has lead me to begin this month’s theme as “Coming back to source energy”.

What the heck am I talking about?! I am glad you had this question. So for the past few months I have been crazy busy. I have been traveling, creating art, spending time with friends, trying to find a new place to live, studying for the LSAT, training for the Warrior Dash (updates soon!), and just day to day stuff. Sounds like a lot right? It feels like a lot and as much as I love to indulge in experiences and staying busy there comes a point where my energy and attention has been split into several directions. This pushes me to crave coming back into alignment and finding my “center”. For me this means source energy.

I think it is essential to carve out “me time” to enable yourself to connect back to your own source energy. Staying in tact with who you are lays out the foundation for your path in life. Your journey, your experiences, and how you perceive and interact with the world.

So what is the plan exactly? For the past few weeks I have been doing the dirty work to find out what exactly connecting back to source energy looks and feels like. Now, these are just what has worked for me at this moment in my life. This can look and feel different for each person, so please read my suggestions, try them out if you want, but do your research and find other resources that truly resonates with you. For the next few blog posts I will go into more detail of the action steps I have take which includes:

-Morning Mediations/Rituals

-Chakra balancing/clearing and evening mediation practices

-Books and other supportive content

-Visualization and affirmations

-Results from my current habit incorporation

So lets jump into morning meditation and Rituals! 


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