Morning Meditation

Good morning!

One of the goals that I set for this year is to establish a morning routine. As the law of attraction would have it, I have come across a lot of content surrounding the topic of morning routines. This is great! As it has given me several options to experiment with to figure out exactly how I want my mornings to look like.

One thing that has truly been beneficial to me is mediating first thing in the morning. Now I have mediated before, usually its like taking medicine. I have to be so out of alignment so stressed that I run towards mediation to get back to my state of well being. So it never occurred to me that I should just mediate on a daily and regular basis. There are two morning mediations that I would like to highlight in this post. The first is a youtube video that I found a few months ago and the second is a podcast. Feel free to try these out and again do your research to find what resonates with you if these don’t make the cut.

Setting Good Intentions For The Day

❤ What I love about this meditation video: I love the visualization of this video. It calls you to map out your day as if you are directing your own move. As an actor this could not be more practical for me. It also encourages you to write out how you would like your day to go so that at the end of the day you can come back and reflect on how the day actually went. I also enjoy that this is only seven minutes long so that I can enjoy other parts of my morning routine.


Jess Lively: The Lively Show Episode 228

❤ Why I love this one: In this episode Jess teaches you how to reach the desired feeling that you would like your day to be immersed in. It’s all about using the mind to recreate this feeling to all senses within your body so that you are actively choosing the emotion that will set the tone for your day.


Hope you guys have fabulous mornings with these two resources!


Till next post ❤ Rx


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