The Warrior Dash: Michigan 2017

I did it! I completed the Warrior Dash last weekend. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME! I was super excited before the race and nervous. Things that you work towards feel that way. Right before the race, I took a pre-work out so that during the race I was hit with adrenaline.

The first mile was all running. I was doing really well with my pacing and breathing in the beginning. Then I started to slow down a bit. A few factors came into play here, the first being that I totally forgot to take my inhaler before hand, the heat and sand were making it a challenge, and I had taken two weeks off from running. Never the less I kept pushing on.

The first obstacle was super easy. Essentially I had to run across what looked like giant yoga mats floating in a foot of water. Easy enough. More running came in until the next obstacle which was a bit more challenging. I had to climb up and down a wooden structure while balancing on the beams. Next, more running. The third obstacle involved swimming. More running, followed by more obstacles.

There was a part that got stagnant because we were in a thicket of trees and the trail was narrow so many people took this opportunity to walk. After a few minutes of this my friend and I chose to run past them to get to the last obstacles sooner.

The very last obstacle was crawling through mud. Truly and honestly I was telling myself not to think that I was crawling through vomit lol that is what it felt like. At the end there were hoses for us to wash the mud off and we got our “trophy” for finishing.

A free beer was included in our ticket purchase so we got our beer, danced a little, and met some cool people.

Overall I would say that the running was the hardest part of the race. Half of the obstacles involved water so you were running with wet shoes and socks most of the time.    It was truly a fun experience and I will definitely do it again.

During my race I filmed using my GoPro and the “chesty” harness. I am 5″3″ so the footage was not the best in terms of direction but if you’d like to watch the race from my short perspective feel free to watch it on my channel!

Until next post ❤ Rx


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