Upgrade yourself! The power to redesign yourself and your life has always been within you.


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I am obsessed with pursuing personal growth and development, organization, expansive experiences and promoting positivity and perseverance. I have done so much inner work to create the mindset that could attain the life that I always wanted. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the necessary have all been partners on this journey to achieving the ultimate self. I truly believe in the ability to one’s own power in creating a life that you have always wanted. So in this blog I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and tips on how to tap into your own power to realize your own potential. This is just one girls advice to an audience that is willing to keep an open mind and consider new avenues. I am not here to sell quick fixes or false hopes I am here to inspire you to take charge of your life so that you can Upgrade yourself with the power within. 

Other interestes:  Traveling, trying vegan foods, feminism, hiking, camping, photography, books, tarot, astrology, science, astronomy, art, volunteering at an animal rehab center. Staying fit is always a priority current challenge: Training for the Appalachian Trail.


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