“One of the most beautiful sounds that I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful, strong woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth. She sounds empowered…she sounds confident… but most of all… she sounds free.”

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Welcome to my “Lifestyle” blog!

I am obsessed with pursuing personal growth and development, organization, expansive experiences and promoting positivity and perseverance.

Other interested: Feminists rants. Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson. I also love animals so much that switched to a plant based diet and spend my Sundays volunteering at an animal rehab center. Art is life! Staying fit is always a priority current challenge: Training for the Appalachian Trail.

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My Blogging journey

I have had countless blogs, websites, hobbies, that have lost all appeal so I was initially hesitant to start this one. However, creativity is the aspect of the human mind that initiates innovation and progress so keeping the creative muscle strong is the reason I came to bring back the blogging.

I’ll be honest and say my blog is a bit of a mess but as I work to make two posts a week I am confident it will sort itself out.


So if you’re ready to join me in my journey and get inspired by my lessons learned, trials tried, and ideas shared, then tune in on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the next post! Never miss a beat by subscribing to email notifications 😎

Where else is Rx?

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