How To Remove Motorcycle Fairing

Ever since buying my first motorcycle a few years ago, I have been obsessed with learning how to maintenance it on my own. There are a few things I have learned so far but one crucial step when maintaining your bike is knowing how to remove the outer fairings. In this video I show you how I personally take off the fairing on my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja (his name is Leo after the ninja turtle). 



How to remove the fairing


Good Morning Rx continued…

Welcome Back! Ready for the next steps in my Mental Healthcare toolkit?! Lets begin.


 I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how important routines are even if you do nothing else on this list, please at least do this one. Creating routines may just save you a hell of a lot of time and keep your life somewhat on track when you are checked out. Start with the basics. Wake up at the same time, go to seep at the same time, always eat breakfast/dinner, spend ten minutes in the evening setting up yourself for success the next day. Once you have the basics you can build even more structured morning and evening routines such as making a certain breakfast everyday, reading, journaling, checking your horoscope etc. 

My Routine

My morning and evening routine changes every few months but this is the general structure.

4:30 am wake up. 

Spend 30 minutes with my thoughts recalling dreams “waking up” essentially. 

5:00 am feed my cats, wash my face, brush teeth, drink water, stretch. Start coffee and begin typing out my dream journal. Look at my bullet journal to see what the day calls for. 

5:30 am get ready and leave for the gym. 

5:45-6:30 am work out

6:45-7:45 am shower, breakfast, get ready for work. 

Evening routine. 

8:00 pm turn off all electronics (tv, music, phone etc.) Place phone on charger double check alarms. Spend a few minutes tidying up. Check bullet journal to see what the next day asks of me. Wash face, brush teeth, shower. Set out gym clothes, set coffee pot, brew tea. 

9:00 pm 

Get to bed and read, journal, or meditate until I fall asleep. 

My routine may not be for everyone but for me it keeps me accountable. When I follow it I feel like I’ve had a productive day and I feel secure that I have set up myself for a good start the next day no matter what it brings. 


Another thing that I have found is that the voice of my worst enemy (me) seems to be amplified when I am feeling down. It becomes way too easy to stop doing what you’re doing and listen to false assumptions of yourself on repeat. In my experience this is the quicksand of my depression. The more I struggle against it the deeper I sink until I am sitting on the floor not knowing why I’m balling my eyes out. 

So what has helped me out of the blue waters of my mind? Listing to something LITERALLY DROWNING THAT VOICE OUT. Sometimes its motivational speakers (Lisa Nichols and Oprah are two of my faves) sometimes its binaural beats, but lately my absolute favorite is listening to “I Am” positive affirmations. My favorite is listed below. I will listen to this while I am going through my routine to bring me back to my reality. 

I am (positive affirmations)


No seriously just cry. Sometimes we just need to get it out of our system and cry it out. One day I had been feeling so entirely overwhelmed and stressed that by the time I got home I laid on my bed and just cried. I also listened to “Find you” by Zed on repeat for 2 hours. TWO HOURS. Then I got up and I felt better and got back to my day. I kid you not it was not my intention to spend two hours listening to the same song over and over and crying but for some reason that was all I needed and then I was fine. 

Stay tuned for the next portion of this toolkit!

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Good Morning Rikki

Good morning Rikki: My mental Healthcare Toolkit.

Do you remember back in 2004 when Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler gave us all the feels in 50 First Dates? Well one of my favorite parts of that story (spoiler alert) was the “Good morning Lucy” tapes that Henry (Sandler) makes for Lucy (Barrymore) to remind her of her life. Essentially, this mental health toolkit should help you do the same, at least its helped me the last few months since I have been piecing together different techniques and experimenting with them. 

“This isn’t real, this isn’t my life”

Above is one of my favorite mantras. It came about when I began noticing a pattern through my episodes and seasons of depression over the last few years: This isn’t me. I am nothing like myself, my true self, my best self, my happy content self when I am going through these states of altered reality. Its like I check out without wanting to or noticing. But the toolkit helps call me back to myself like following a lighthouse back to shore. 

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Its best to create your toolkit on days when you are feeling your best. As someone who has gone through depression and PTSD, I know that it is extraordinarily difficult to create, and much less enact, plans of action to make yourself feel better when you are going through an episode or season of depression. It can be annoying sometimes like “I don’t need to do that I feel great today!” But trust me the longer you wait the more valuable time is lost when going through your episode. Begin by gathering ideas of things that make you feel better. This can be things as simple as reading a book, treating yourself to your favorite coffee, watching your favorite movie or meeting up with friends or family. Make a list of all the things that you truly enjoy, things that help you escape “reality” for a few moments. I recommend making a list of several things because if you’re anything like me not all of those things will make you happy every time or your worst self will convince you that these are not things you truly want. While brainstorming, include lists of all the things you are grateful for. Personally, I try to write out one good thing from the day at the end of each day in my bullet journal. But you can do other things like starting a Pinterest board, gratitude jars, or writing yourself a letter. This will be helpful to look at when your mind is trying to convince you that your life is anything but great. Create go-to playlists of “high vibe” music or youtube videos that make you feel inspired or happy. I LITERALLY have a playlist on my Spotify called “High Vibe” that only has songs that feel uplifting, make me smile, or dance. Speaking of lifts, I created a playlist on youtube called “need a Lift” which are videos of motivational speakers check it out for some ideas:High Vibe PlaylistNeed a LiftThank you for tuning in this week! We’ll pick up next week with the next steps so stay tuned!

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Freedom, from our own self doubt

I am back! This return called for a refresher to the RxWrit page, what do you think?

With the fourth of July just a few days away I really wanted to center this post around freedom, specifically the freedom from our own mental prisons. The recent break I took from blogging on this site wasn’t necessarily planned but desperately needed. I had some of my own mental road blocks and voices of self doubt to battle with.

In that time I really had to challenge some of my old belief systems.

And I mean C H A L L E N G E them.

I did a lot of mental decluttering (again) to get to the root of the problems I thought I was facing. That’s just it isn’t it, sometimes there isn’t really a problem, sometimes we are so set in our reactionary ways that we move about our lives revisiting old worries and anxieties as if they were new trends when in reality we need to look at what we’re wearing and decide, its out of style.

I know that anxiety and depression is something that many people today battle with these days and so I would like to share my mental health toolkit this month to help out with some of that old baggage. Let’s help each other reach freedom together. Stay tuned…



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TTBT: Requiem

Ok… so I couldn’t help my-shelf! I recently finished Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and was BLOWN AWAY! #thatendingtho

⚠️Spoiler alerts ahead⚠️

I had to get Requiem. So far, (3 chapters deep) I am satisfied because there is a lot of explaining to do!


I began this series back in October last year and it was exactly what I needed. I was in search of something along the lines of Hunger Games/ Divergent and this was absolutely perfect. Initially, I was having a hard time connecting with Lena but once it got towards the end of the first book, I was like “ok I get you gurl”. I finished the book and then I couldn’t stop!


oh my gawd, Alex tho am I right?! I knew, knew, knew, knew deep down in my soul that there was no way he was dead. But TBH the entire process of Lena’s grieving in Pandemonium convinced me otherwise. Before it was announced in the last chapter I had a sneaking suspicion that the “new person” from Portland was Alex but I was soooo convinced so thanks for the mindf*ck Lauren!

I LITERALLY put down the book like, “how am I supposed carry on with my life now?” I have all this knowledge that its hard to come back to reality.

Into Requiem, let me just say…WTF ALEX?! Like, part of me is trying to understand his behavior because he was tortured in the crypts but at the same time for him to be angry with Lena as if it was her fault?! I mean am I the only one feeling Peeta/Katniss capital hijacking vibes rn?!

I’m starting to be #teamjulien if I am totally honest. But its also semi annoying how Lena falls in love so easily. I mean Alex I somewhat understood because he showed her (literally) a new world but her bond with Julien is solely on them surviving the tunnels together.

Oh and to bring things full circle, Alex sacrificed himself to save Lena and Lena saved Julien. I mean its just such an intricate triangle and I am itching to read what happens next!


If you have read the series I’d love to hear your thoughts, please don’t spoil the rest of Requiem yet! How did you feel about Alex attitude towards Lena and Juliens, and Lena towards the both of them? LMK

📚 Till next TTBT 💜 RX

Steampunk Tarot Review

Sorry for sounding a bit on the sick side, but here are my feelings/thoughts/impressions of the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore Illustrated by Aly Fell. *skip to 2:48 to begin the review* Enjoy!

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January & February Favorites

🌙 Hello my night owls! 🦉

This style of post is new to the #RxFam but I have some goodies that have been adding value to my life and I wanted to share!

Lets. Get. This. Party. Started.

Might as well start with what I’m currently #obsessed with #atm ever since I began my journey into tarot reading I’ve totally fell down the rabbit hole and am doing daily readings. Above you’ll aww how my collection is growing very rapidly! I started with the Davinci Tarot but fell in love with the Steampunk Tarot. Moving through insta feeds and YouTube readers I found The Universe Has Your Back cards and the Goddess Guidance Oracle set. Honestly I’ve had such good readings with these cards!

I don’t know how to live without my bullet journal from Banana leaves! I really like this one because it has both dotted and grid style pages. I was obviously drawn to the constellations on the covers. Next is my Denik notebook which I use for taking notes on my tarot readings. I love that all the elements are represented on this book and both have a matte feel to them.

I FINALLY finished #Pandemonium by #LaurenOliver. I can’t even. My mind is still blown by that ending. I typically like to also read a non fiction and Wicca for beginners drew me in. I’m halfway so far and it’s really interesting and surprising.


I typically like to burn a different scent each month and last month was “Thank You” by Bath and Body Works. It’s got a soft coastal scent. Something about switching up your furniture and candles helps me set the vibe for the month and welcome new changes. I also bought a new mug! I rarely buy them as i am very particular about my mugs but this one has been dubbed my #Gyst (get your shit together) mug. Only used when gysting. I bought the rose quartz bracelet and white howlite stone at the same time I brought home my first tarot deck. RQ and WH are a reminder of my theme for this year: self-love and patience. The rest of the stones were gifted to me by my aunt and i love them all!

Write now: I am fighting off sleepiness 🌙goodnight lovelies! ☁️ off to dreamland.

💜 Rx

To The Books Tuesday

Hi readers!

Glad to be back online and I had a massive desire to bring back “To the books Tuesday” What is To the books Tuesday? Well a few months after graduating college I hit the boredom mark and needed to keep myself busy with some kind of schedule. So I created one which mimicked my class schedule at the time. So on Tuesdays, I decided to dedicate the day to catching up on reading what I couldn’t get to while I was in school.

I have always loved reading, mainly young adult fiction and autobiographies. But every now and then I dabble in Scifi, history, and science. Typically I like to read one fiction and one non fiction per month/two months. So to re-launch this series on my blog we’ll start with what’s on my nightstand/purse/desk ATM.

O M G you guys! I just finished Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and I seriously can’t stop thinking about it. I am blown away by that ending. I mean (spoiler alert) I knew in my heart of hearts that Alex wasn’t dead but all that drama that Lena worked through to move on from his “death” and then she falls in love with Julian and PLOT TWIST: Alex is alive. I literally sat there like “How do I live my life now?”

Recently, I was gifted a book (my favorite kind of gifts!) called The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. I haven’t started this one yet but from the description it looks like a dystopian future/sci-fi fiction so it will blend in nicely with my genre of choice ATM.

For my current fiction, I am reading the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. I started this back in November however, once Delirium took all my attention I fell behind in this series. Halfway through the book and I am loving it so far!

The Non-fiction book I am reading took me by surprise. I was feeling a little curious one day in the book store and stumbled across the metaphysics section. I started browsing the selections and really connected with “Wicca for Beginners” by Thea Sabin. I have been really enjoying my journey into metaphysics and this is just another section I haven’t really learned much about. So far the book is very interesting going over the history of paganism and what pagans believe in. Its honestly better than I thought it would be and its very practical.

Write now: Well this girl is very tired and in need of some book time so until next post ❤️ RX

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