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My Pinterest board labeled Meta is a good placed to start! Meta board

I learned soooo much from lavender especially through Learn


Which also leads me to Biddy Tarot and the Biddy Tarot Podcast

This is an AMAZING resource. I love how Brigit is so positive and uplifting when it comes to reading the Tarot. Especially in her delivery of how to read reverse tarot cards. Episode 36 was especially helpful as in this episode she interviews a woman who also grew up with a background in religion and was taught that Tarot was a bad thing. It was really relatable and made me feel more comfortable with my decision.


What can I say? I’m a millennial who learns through youtube. Here are my favorites so far.

Watch these two videos  to get a really good unbiased explanation of the tarot cards, their history and the symbolism behind each card. It’s a bit long but completely worth it!

The Illest Illuminator was my first step into a world of Youtube Tarot readers. She is super on point in her readings and I just love her voice!

Soul Journey Jae is super cute and super down to earth and very accurate in her readings love her!

Aphrodiety31 Fa is LITERAL🔥🔥🔥🔥 her readings were crazy scary accurate!

Lives in Sync is super bubbly and real her earth energy totally resonated with me!

Beauty Soul Tarot keeps it real with you and down to earth honest!

She Bear is so positive! I also love her accent. She has such a nice delivery in the way she explains the not so bright or what you want to hear type readings of cards turning it into the best advice you ever heard!

Still Intuitive half resonated with me and half didn’t if I am being honest. But he made the list because I thought his delivery was hysterical. I have a weird sense of humor so I don’t mean that he’s a comedian or that I am making fun of him in any way, more like the things he said to come across ULTRA DIRECT was hysterical to me like yeah I needed that hard truth bae.


Until next post Happy Reading ❤️ Rx

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Not all that wander are lost. 



  1. This will most likely be a very long post as I have so much to share with you all!
  2. I am by NO MEANS a professional, I have just jumped into the ocean of Tarot but I still want to share what I have learned so far. So take what resonates with you, what peaks your curiosity, and what inspires you- leave the rest to the wind.


Let’s get started!

If you have been following my most recent posts, you’ll know by now that I grew up in a pretty conservative religious background. So conservative that anything (literally anything) outside of my religion was deemed as ungodly or from the devil himself. Tarot, would have definitely fulfilled that area of the unknown to be feared and avoided at all costs. What can I say?! I’m a wandering soul.

My first encounter with Tarot cards was pretty similar to most people, through movies. You know the ones, where some lost girl with a broken heart wanders into a dark alley where she sees some shady shop with a neon “PSYCHIC” sign on the window, its most likely night time and there’s a woman inside who’s mysterious and clothed fabulously in gems or magenta, yeah that kind of movie. Oh no! After an overly dramatic spiritual moment of silence the cooky (most likely cat lady) woman pulls out the death card. *sharp gasps! they both look at each other* FIN.

Ok, you can go vom now. Well that is the majority of how people are introduced to Tarot cards right? Well now on to my first real experience. It was Halloween in 2010 and my life was a mess. But I was smiling and trying to make things work in my crumbling relationship and equally crumbling foundation of self esteem. Which was the BEST time for me to hear from a stranger dressed as a pirate that my relationship was going to end soon.

Although I was in fierce denial, I honestly wasn’t pissed at her. I had no conception of “this is a scam” or “they tell everyone this” because she was telling me something I already knew, something that I was trying desperately to avoid because that’s what we do right? We avoid our truths. 

Maybe that’s the real reason we fear the Tarot so much as a culture. Because it goes against this facade we have built around our egos. We fall in line and with each step we walk farther and farther away from the inner voice that tells us which direction is the path to our soul’s purpose. The Tarot forces us to look inside ourselves and own up to our truths. That can be a truly difficult thing to do for a lot of people.

Fast forward to 2016. My life is a mess-again. My relationship is a train wreck in the middle of a snowstorm during the zombie apocalypse. I have no idea where my life is going and I am just trying to breath and figure out who I am. So when my friends suggest  hiring a psychic/medium for a house call of a reading, my response is “why the f*ck not?!”

I went in purely with the idea that this was entertainment. I think you have to at first, you know dip your toes in, take your coat off, stay a while. Most people can agree, Tarot is not an exact science and with the little knowledge I had on it and a whole lot of religious teachings, you have to find that middle ground to openness. That crack in the ego that allows you to live through a different lens for just a fraction of your life. 

He tells me he can hear a dog barking, that I will travel to 7 countries (“tight” I think) but then somewhere in between the swigs of vodka he has been given by our kind host, he brings out the big truths. Truths about my life that there was no way for him to know. He had no reservations telling me to “leave this guy, he’s not your soulmate” and asked me about my health issues at the moment, how was I handeling them? Why do I dream in color and have deja vus! I mean this isn’t “Nice weather we’re having” type of conversations. This is my life!

This total stranger knew things I hadn’t even told my family yet. Things I could barely face myself. Being the Taurus that I am, I laughed and joked and smiled and said all the right things to make him think that I had no idea. But the Tarot doesn’t lie. 

Skip a little forward to January 2017. I am in a metaphysical shop obsessing over crystals.  Such a typical earth sign thing of me to do (and also former rock collecting nerd). I wander over to the next room, where there are pendulums, books on magic, and Tarot cards. The lovely woman working makes her way over to ask me how I am finding things. I ask her about the cards and she sweetly speaks to the different styles of cards as if each have their own personality. She can sense or maybe even see my curiosity dripping with hesitation. I tell her I am somewhat interested but not sure. Her advice, in a sales driven career, “Don’t buy the cards unless you feel its right for you, and you’ll know if it is”.

I left with some stones, sage, but no cards. I wasn’t ready yet. They were still a mystery to me a big scary thing I wasn’t ready to bring into my life or home yet. Until I did. A few weeks ago. In a different metaphysical shop “Just looking” no honestly, I had no intention of buying cards that day just a rose quartz bracelet. But as I look at the small selection of Tarot Cards they have and the famous Mona Lisa smizing at me on the cover of the Davinci Tarot by Lo Scarabeo I knew I had to…carry them around for a bit before making my final decision.

I do and start sweating, feeling overwhelmed with sensory overload (I am looking at rocks) then out of nowhere, the box slips out of my hands and slaps loudly on the ground. There are so many people in the store by now that have turned and are looking at me confused. I am most likely beet red in the face by now. So I am like “THAT’S IT” I am getting the cards .

I am driving home so nervous. “Maybe I should go back and return them?”I think but then *Kermit the frog* inner me is saying “No, you’re a grown up and you made this decision now go home and learn the Tarot!”

So I do and at first I take my book nerd approach to read the booklet inside cover to cover, but honestly I was too excited and something pulled me to just look at the cards. I look through the deck and pick out my favorite cards. Little did I know at that moment I was doing my first reading. I read the meaning of each card and think “oh, that’s interesting”

With anything else that screams at my soul or mind, pushing me into alignment the entire time, I take the deep dive into Tarot and become obsessed. I start with trying different spreads, some way more advanced than I am capable of reading but I don’t care I am on intuitive auto pilot now. I find blogs, and podcasts, and youtubers, all of it (resources below).

A few weeks later, I finally have the beginning of my method which goes like this:

I start by calming my mind and heart through meditation or by burning sage. (before I learned that its not the best to do a reading when you’re upset or not open I just didn’t feel right unless my mind was clear) Sometimes I have crystals with me it all depends on how I feel really.

I then take the stack of cards into my right hand and say my prayer (something along the lines of):

“Spirit guides and guardian angels be with me now, keep me and this space protected as I invite the Gods and Goddesses of knowledge and insight, creatures and beings of positivity and light, help to keep my mind and heart open to receive the information or advice that you have for me through these cards. Sat Nam”

Then I begin with either a specific question or if I am just looking to learn or open to receive anything I determine that at the beginning of a reading.

Next I shuffle, typically I take whatever “jumps out” or what refuses to stay in the deck. I stop when I either feel like it, feel that there’s a card that wants to “speak” or when the deck physically won’t let me shuffle anymore.

For the interpretation I am still learning so I refer to my Denik Notebook, its just a notebook I filled with my own notes and interpretation of the cards. I usually go by intuition on what interpretation feels right to me or resonates. In my reading space I have already confirmed that positivity is my path way so even if the Tarot says something that I don’t understand or am totally not into I know that its all for the best and I should take the advice positively.

After taking notes, and re-reading interpretations or asking for clarification, I thank my cards for being conduits of knowledge and then I take my cards in my left hand and say thanks to the higher beings that have helped me in this reading.

What I have learned

I learned so much in the past few weeks! For one, it’s ok that you may or may not resonate with a deck or even the book. I abandoned the book a few weeks ago since the interpretations of the cards didn’t really “feel right” to me no matter what type of reading I did. I also moved my cards to a pink box labeled “Dream” where they share a space with my quartz crystal. They seem to be happier there. Or I am totally delusional 😂

I have learned that every reading is different and not exact at the same time. You can use Tarot to ask about your fears, and dreams, your direction, how others feel in respects to you, and yes, your future. But it’s not definite because we are humans with free will bombarded with choices and streams veering off into thousands of different pathways. So anything can change reading to reading.

Different readers have different interpretations for the cards so its best to follow your own intuition. Tarot is really just another tool to tap into your inner self, your true self, your highest form of intuition. 

Astrology, numerology, and dream interpretation really help! These are things I have also dipped my toes into in the past and taking that knowledge into Tarot was not only second nature but helped to round out my understanding and quick start the learning process.

Feel free to check out these AMAZING resources that have helped me in my Tarot journey.

Until Next Post ❤️ Rx

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Hey friends and fellow writers and readers!

Today’s post will focus on being focused…Meditation! Let’s get started shall we?

Meditation has a deep history in humanity and every generation finds its way towards looking inward and focusing on deliberate breaths. There are many benefits to incorporating meditation into your life.

To read more check out this article: 12 Science Based Benefits of Meditation

My journey to meditation began when I was 21. I was severely lost with the direction I wanted my life to move towards. So I figured this would be a great time to try out different things and see what would stick. One day I found a meditation group posting in my town newspaper. At the time I had no prior experience with meditation and thought it was something you had to go somewhere to do. Either way I was super intrigued because it was something I had always wanted to do.

My meditation group met weekly at a Buddhist temple. We would begin with walking meditation. Then we would sit for about an hour in silence. This is where I would get the most insight to my higher self as well as reaching old memories that I had completely forgotten about. Then afterwards we would have a group discussion about a topic or varied topics. The experience was wonderful.

I eventually stopped going for two reasons. One reason was more practical, I moved further away. The second reason was in retrospect, silly. I started getting to “Deep” into my mind and memories that I didn’t want to access just yet. I felt overwhelmed with emotion and I was not prepared to deal with what came up.

Now going into mediation a little bit older and wiser, I know how to deal with what comes up. Typically when I mediate now its to clear my mind and body of any anxiousness or to be narrow my intentions and be present in the moment. I like to mediate once a day if I can and the type of meditation I need will vary on my mood, the day I’ve had, or what I am trying to focus on.

I find that Kundalini mediation helps me most when my self esteem is low and I need a confidence boost. Binaural beats help clear out the clutter in my mind and focus my attention. Listening to Tibetan singing bowls or chanting monks helps me when I am trying to access my inner or higher self. And sometimes I listen to guided meditation when I don’t know where to begin or what I need.

Meditation, like anything else is what you make of it. There are so many ways and types of meditation. You don’t necessarily have to sit up right with crazy hand positions for hours on end and chanting “ohm” trying to “clear your mind” or silence your thoughts. Sometimes you just need to let your thoughts drift like watching clouds pass by. Meditation could also be staring at water, or into a campfire, or cleaning. After years of mediation have found that anything that either gets us out of our heads or deep into our minds is what mediation is.

Feel free to check out my Meditation Yo on my Youtube Channel RxVd.

Until next post ❤️ Rx

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Law of Attraction

“The Law of Attraction says that that which is like unto itself, is drawn. In other words, that which you think, in any moment attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it.” -Abraham Hicks

Let’s. Talk. The. Law. Of. Attraction.

This may be a woo woo topic but hey that’s what this month is all about! And I promise as the true Taurean that I am I will also bring some logical insight a bit later on in this post. Let’s dive deep.

My first encounter with the Law of Attraction-scratch that. Let’s go back further than that. I have never believed in coincidences. I am a dreamy dreamer with my eyes upwards thinking of all possibilities and with strong conviction that there is a reason for everything. 

It wasn’t until I was 16 and found the documentary that many of us came to find, called “The Secret” that I realized that nothing is a coincidence and we are masters of our own life experience. Back then, my focus was on things like acing my chemistry test and making the cheerleading team (both of which I did). I was so excited it was like playing with magic!

But then something happened, I grew up. Life became a series of unfortunate events and reality had me falling smack down on the pavement with as much force as it could muster. I stoped believing. 

The Law of Attraction found me later in life through Youtube and its creators. I had my initial (grown up) doubts about it dismissing it off as woo woo. But then I realized that at one point I wholeheartedly believed it in it and it truly worked for me. At this time (2016) I had lost all hope in myself, in people, and in the world around me. The woo woo ness of the Law of Attraction was the last item on my long list of things not to believe in.

It started with Youtubers like Zoey Arielle, Cornelia Grismo, Kalyn Nicholson, and Koi Fresco casually mentioning the law of attraction here and there in their videos that sparked my interest. Then podcasters like Lavendaire, Jess Lively, and Andrea Owen who were more than forward and open with this concept that had me deep diving on the subject.

I eventually found the original teachers, Esther, Jerry, and Abraham Hicks. Through their youtube videos, and books I was able to begin my new journey on the law of attraction. I HIGHLY recommend reading the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks for full understanding of what this law is all about.

Now, I know what you’re thinking how can this make any sense to the most logical person, well let me tell you about my friend Jess. Jess Lively runs a podcast called the Lively Show that is all about living intentionally and she very frequently talks about the Law of Attraction. In one episode in particular she thoroughly explains how the Law of Attraction is the most logical thing in the world when it comes to our brains work.

Have a Listen

In simple terms, our brains are programmed to recognize patterns. This has been the case since, forever. The Law of Attraction is simply the practice of manually choosing what patterns to focus on and being conscious that what we focus on will manifest into our lives.

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works has opened my eyes to how and why my life has unfolded. There is nothing that is random. It is a rather comforting feeling knowing that what may not make sense to me now in this moment will reveal itself later on in life. Every moment is leading to a better one and on to a better life if you let it.

Until next post ❤️ Rx

Write now: My cats are fast asleep as I have “Freeze” by Andy Grammer blasting on my head phones.

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26 Lessons: Value Life and Forgive Yourself

Continuing in the series with Lesson 7: Value Life and Lesson 8: Forgive Yourself.

These two lessons can take a lifetime to learn. Hopefully my experience can help you get there a little faster!

Watch now!


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Crystals and Sage

Welcome to week two in our metaphysical journey on Rxwrit! Today I am excited to share with you my knowledge on crystals and sage thus far including my collection, rituals, and how to’s. Let’s get started!


Whether or not you believe in healing crystals or not humans have been fascinated with stones, metals, and other artifacts giving them value in one way or another.

Crystals have become a part of my lifestyle over the past few years however my obsession with stones has been an ever present fascination. I have always been drawn to collecting stones so finding my way to gemstones and crystals was rather simple. I would find them at museums, nature center, and book stores by chance. As I search for more specific stones I seek out metaphysical shops to add to my collection. Lately, I have found that the belief in healing crystals to be a very popular topic. More and more people are gravitating to metaphysics overall so what better time to explore?!

When it comes to sage, my preference is white sage. As many people have been influenced by the media, sage is often depicted as a “woo woo” practice used by witches, psychics, and other characters of magic. But being the Taurus that I am I need any belief system to ground me. So I researched the medicinal properties of sage and came to find that there are actual cleansing properties to burning sage!

So whether you’re in need of grounding, cleansing, or a boost for meditation there are lots of uses for crystals and sage.

M Y  C O L L E C T I O N



Healing properties: Spiritual protection, clarity of mind, calming, grounding, balance, and creativity.

This stone by far has always been my favorite! Before I even knew anything about crystals I was always drawn to the purple glow of Amethyst. Most of the stones that I have are Amethyst as you can see. Choosing a favorite is way too hard as each has a unique story. But the one I use the most is my Amethyst bracelet. I made it myself and it has been with me every day since.

How to care: being a stone found deep in the earth, Amethyst does not like direct sunlight and can be prone to losing its color if over exposed (like the stone on the top left when I purchased it, it was as deep as the one in front of it).


Quartz (geode, clear, smokey, and Apophyllite)

Healing properties: clearing negative energy, focusing one’s own energy, astral travel, clear insight, intuition, and energy.

Out of all of my crystals I find the most vibration with clear quartz. This is the one I use most while meditating. However, I like to keep Apophyllite under my pillow for some intense dreams!


Rose Quartz

Healing properite: love, tranquility, balance, confidence, self awareness, and mood stabilizing. (picked up a rose quartz bracelet not pictured here)

The love stone and my stone for 2018! Although very pretty and delicate, I was never drawn to rose quartz until this year. This stone is most recognized by its soft pink color. Lately, I have enjoyed placing my tumbled stone by my yoga mat while doing my yoga sessions.



Healing properties: happiness, abundance, prosperity, empowerment, wealth and success.

Why isn’t my whole house made of this stone?! This is a very charming stone and like its bright color warming and calming. I haven’t used citrine much but occasionally when I am feeling like I need a stroke of luck I’ll tuck it under my pillow.



Healing properties: grounding, organization, protection, logic, memory enhancer, and deflector of negative energy.

I am actually surprised I don’t have more of this stone since black is one of my favorite colors. But this is a very powerful stone for grounding and dispelling negative energy. I feel its most helpful to wear after a long chaotic day.


Pyrite (fools gold) and Goldstone

Healing properties: (P) good luck, prosperity, abundance, optimism. (GS) ambition, ingenuity, and drive.

Pyrite is another stone that I have been drawn too. However, unlike the Amethyst stone I haven’t found another pyrite stone that I like more than the one I have. This goldstone came to me while I was traveling in Australia. So it always reminds me of the golden sunshine there!



Healing properties: personal power, self-esteem, and removes energy blocks.

I found this lovely stone at a metaphysical shop while looking for a gift for someone else. I just couldn’t put it down I was so drawn to its color and clarity as well as how it felt. I don’t use it for meditation much but it is pretty calming when I need it.



Healing properties: compassion, empathy, new beginnings, prosperity, good luck, and friendship.

This little guy is the only one of its kind currently in my collection. I found it in a hipster store. The reason I was so drawn to it was due to a guided mediation I did. In this meditation I was standing on a beach watching the baby turtles make their way to beach. The meditation was super calming and insightful and I think of it each time I see my little turtle.


Overall, some stones affect me more than others. Not pictured here is my recent white howlite stone which has been helping me with my patience and sleep. Picking stones can be overwhelming when there are so many to choose from! My advice is to go towards the  stone that your drawn to, hold it, and carry it around for a while. Typically, if you can’t move on from a stone thats the one for you! My next step after bringing a new stone home is to cleanse it. I mentioned earlier that some stones are sensitive to light, others are sensitive to water, so I “smudge” them with sage or let them sit in with plants or under moonlight. I am still new at this whole crystal world for me I am purely intuition based. They are pretty and have great healing powers. Overall, try to have fun if you start looking into crystals!

Until next post ❤️ RX



The height of my obsession knows no bounds! We start the new year with metaphysics and I can’t wait to dive in. So lets get weird!

Astrology, my first ever encounter with the zodiac arts was through my favorite magazine J14. Initially, I rejected every prediction that my bible (magazine) told me. I wasn’t an earth sign! I didn’t like earth tones, I wasn’t stubborn! (let’s all laugh here). So I didn’t take it seriously.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized that like anything else that you learn, it really depends on the messenger of the information and how it is presented. So over time, hearing form different astrologers, I eventually started to resonate with my sign. Yes, I am totally stubborn, I totally love being outdoors but also the finer things in life, I am ver much a romantic, hard working, and completely loyal, I am such a Taurus. 

Having my birth chart done by a professional astrologer was a total game changer. It really gave me insight into my personality and why my life has ran a certain course. While not every single part of my reading was 100% accurate, the majority of it was pretty true to me.

Now like anything else, I don’t believe that astrology is a one-size-fits-all ultimate answer to everything, no its just an other tool, another way to find out about yourself. So I encourage you to keep an open mind and delve a little deeper and search a little farther. You never know, it could surprise you!

My two favorite sources to my horoscopes are

Cafe Astrology  and Elle horoscopes by the Astro Twins

♉️ Until next post ❤️ RX

J 2 K 1 7: T R V L

Oh my goodness! Looking back at the Journey 2017 video I made back in January is so weird! I mean I feel so different now then I was back then and it wasn’t too long ago. I sound different, think differently, its such a transformation. Back in January, I made a list of goals I planned on working towards this year. Now I am reflecting back on the progress I’ve made.


I didn’t realize how many places I actually visited over the past year until I made the list for this blog. I love traveling. I enjoy the essence of being a wandering-nomad-gypsy child. There is something so satisfying of visiting a new place and building brand new memories that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. When deciding that this would be my goal, I wanted to travel within my state as well as outside of it. I accomplished that by visiting a few places within my state that I had never been to.


This year I put more miles on my bike Leo visiting friends in:

B R I G H T O N ⚫️ P O R T A G E ⚫️  O T S E G O

Most of these rides were at leas an hour long or more. This tested my stamina as a rider as I typically tend to stay pretty close to home when it comes to traveling by bike. I am happy that I took these mini trips as it grew my confidence as a rider.

Other places within Michigan that I visited this year:

M I L F O R D ⚫️ G R A N D  R A P I D S ⚫️ F R A N K F O R T  ⚫️ M T  M O R R I S

Outside of my state I visited one of my favorite cities in the whole world:


I decided to take the train from Michigan to Chicago, I hadn’t done so since middle school. It was exciting and frustrating. There were so many delays and close calls but the fun of it was making a new friend (pictured above). We both realized we were heading to the same destination for the same amount of days so we paired up and headed to Chicago and back as traveling companions. We laughed at the close calls of missing our train and joked about the crazy bus driver we ended up with.  Its those kinds of friendships that are so amazing to make when you travel.

 T O R O N T O  🍁 C A N A D A

Lastly, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Canada twice this year. The first time was a solo road trip on New Year’s Day. I never attempted to do so before and just felt a strong urge to get in my car and go. I decided on Toronto and I was so happy I went. It definitely gave me confidence as a solo traveler. The second time I visited this wonderful city was in the summer. This time I went with friends and it was so much fun! My favorite part of this trip was going to the Lockhart bar for brunch which is Harry Potter themed.


Honestly, travel vlogs are my favorite to film. You can view some of the trips I have filmed and others I didn’t mention in this post on my channel:  Suff to do and Places to see

Travel is such an important part of my life and I hope that you take some time to get away and see new places and add new experience to your life journey!

Until next post, stay curios and keep wandering. ❤️ RX